Spider Monkeys Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of the Genus Ateles (PDF)

Spider Monkeys Behavior,

Christina J. Campbell
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Pages: 416
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Description of Spider Monkeys Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of the Genus Ateles (PDF)

Spider Monkeys Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of the Genus Ateles by Christina J. Campbell is a great book available in (eBook) PDF download. The chapters that are included in this volume represent the first-ever compilation of such a diversity of papers about spider monkeys and I thank each of the authors for their contribution and their patience during the editorial process. I would also like to thank Colin Groves, Agustin Fuentes, Manuel Lizarralde and Alan Dixson for their useful reviews and comments. Dominic Lewis and Alison Evans at Cambridge have provided assistance in the publication of this volume and I thank them for their help. Lastly, but definitely not least, I would like to thank my family, Tom and Summer Wake for their patience and continued support throughout this process.

Content of Spider Monkeys Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of the Genus Ateles (PDF)

1 Introduction 1
Christina J. Campbell

Part I Taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution

2 Morphology and evolution of the spider monkey, genus Ateles 19
Alfred L. Rosenberger, Lauren Halenar, Siobhan B. Cooke and Walter C. Hartwig

3 The taxonomic status of spider monkeys in the twenty-first century 50
Andrew C. Collins

Part II Ecology

4 Diets of wild spider monkeys 81
Anthony Di Fiore, Andres Link and J. Lawrence Dew

5 Factors influencing spider monkey habitat use and ranging patterns 138
Robert B. Wallace

6 Spider monkeys as seed dispersers 155
J. Lawrence Dew

Part III Behavior and reproduction

7 Locomotion and positional behavior of spider monkeys 185
Dionisios Youlatos

8 Communication in spider monkeys: the function and mechanisms underlying the use of the whinny 220
Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez  ́

9 Social interactions, social relationships and the social system of spider monkeys 236
Filippo Aureli and Colleen M. Schaffner

10 Spider monkey reproduction and sexual behavior 266
Christina J. Campbell and K. Nicole Gibson

11 Immaturity in spider monkeys: a risky business 288
Laura Greer Vick

12 Demography and group composition of Ateles 329
Yukiko Shimooka, Christina J. Campbell, Anthony Di Fiore, Annika M. Felton, Kosei Izawa, Andres Link, Akisato Nishimura, Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez and Robert  ́ B. Wallace

Part IV Interactions with humans

13 Spider monkey conservation in the twenty-first century: recognizing risks and opportunities 351
Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez and Robert B. Wallace  ́

14 The ethnoprimatology of spider monkeys (Ateles spp.): from past to present 377
Loretta A. Cormier and Bernardo Urbani

Index 404

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