Study Materials for MIT Course

Study Materials for MIT Course
Serway and Jewett
Release at: 2005
Pages: 2361
First Edition/ Electricity Magnetism
File Size: 50 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Study Materials for MIT Course

In this study material for MIT Course Electricity and Magnetism cover all topics. Also include chapters, ppt, some important links and solved papers.

Content of Study Materials for MIT Course

Topics:  Introduction to TEAL; Fields; Review of Gravity; Electric Field

Topics:  Electric Charge; Electric Fields; Dipoles; Continuous Charge Distributions

Topics:  Line and Surface Integrals

Topics:  Working in Groups, Visualizations, Electric Potential, E from V

Topics: Gauss’s Law

Topics:  Continuous Charge Distributions

Topics:  Conductors & Capacitors

Topics:  Capacitors & Dielectrics 

Topics:  Current, Resistance, and DC Circuits

Topics:  Capacitors

Topics:  RC Circuits

Topics:  Magnetic Fields

Topics:  Magnetic Fields: Creating Magnetic Fields – Biot-Savart

Topics:  Magnetic Fields: Force and Torque on a Current Loop

Topics:  Magnetic Dipoles

Topics:  Magnetic Levitation; Ampere’s Law

Topics:  Ampere’s Law

Topics:  Faraday’s Law

Topics:  Faraday’s Law; Mutual Inductance & Transformers

Topic:  Inductors

Topics:  Undriven LRC Circuits

Topics:  Driven LRC Circuits

Topics:  Maxwell’s Equations, EM Radiation & Energy Flow

Topics:  Displacement Current & Energy Flow

Topics:  Maxwell’s Equations, EM Radiation & The Wave Equation

Topics:  Generating EM Radiation

Topics:  Interference

Include Chapters

Include Solve Papers

Include PPT Notes

Include Important Links

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