Temperate Horticulture Current Scenario

Temperate Horticulture Current Scenario
Dr. Daniel Jacob
Release at: 2010
Pages: 329
First Edition
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Description of Temperate Horticulture Current Scenario

Thus most parts of Europe, North America, and northern Asia are included, though some parts of the United States, such as southern California and Florida, are considered subtropical. A few parts of the north coast of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean islands are also subtropical. In the Southern Hemisphere, practically all of New Zealand, a few parts of Australia, and the southern part of South America have temperate climates. For horticultural purposes altitude is also a factor; the lower slopes of great mountain ranges, such as the Himalayas an~ the Andes, are included.

Content of Temperate Horticulture Current Scenario

1. Introduction

Part I: Cultivation of Temperate Fruits

2. Apple

3. Apricot

4. Cherry

5. Pear

6. Peach

7. Persimmon

8. Plum

9. Strawberries

Part II: Cultivation of Temperate Vegetables

10. Asparagus

11. Broccoli

12. Capsicum

13. Lettuce

14. Potato

15. Tomato

l6. Mushroom

17. Turnip

Part III: Cultivation of Temperate Flowers

18. Chrysanthemum

19. Flowers and Foliage from Plants of Protea Family

20. Rose

21. Lotus

22. Gladiolus



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