The Cell A Molecular Approach by Geoffrey M. Cooper (PDF)

The Cell A Molecular Approach
Geoffrey M. Cooper
Release at: 2019
Pages: 813
Eighth Edition
File Size: 150 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of The Cell A Molecular Approach

Learning cell biology can be a daunting task because the field is so vast and rapidly moving, characterized by a continual explosion of new information. The challenge is how to master the fundamental concepts without becoming bogged down in details. The principles of cell biology understand need students and able to appreciate and be able to appreciate new advances, rather than just memorizing “the facts” as we see them today. At the same time, the material must be presented in sufficient depth to thoughtfully engage students and provide a sound basis for further studies. The Eighth Edition of The Cell emphasizes the fundamental concepts of cell biology and includes new features designed to meet the needs of today’s students and their teachers.

This edition of The Cell continues the goal of helping students understand the principles and concepts of cell biology while gaining an appreciation of the excitement and importance of ongoing research in this rapidly moving field. Our understanding of cell and molecular biology has progressed in many ways over the last three years, and these important advances have been incorporated into the current edition. Some of the most striking advances have continued to come from progress in genomics and understanding the complex mechanisms of gene regulation in higher eukaryotes. A new chapter in the current edition Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics highlights these rapidly advancing areas. Other notable advances covered in the current edition include progress in proteomics, synthetic biology, mitochondrial replacement therapy, splicing therapy for Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, and immunotherapy of cancer.

Content of The Cell A Molecular Approach

Part I Fundamentals and Foundations 1

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cells and Cell Research 3

Chapter 2 Molecules and Membranes 45

Chapter 3 Bioenergetics and Metabolism 81

Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology 113

Chapter 5 Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology 157

Part II The Flow of Genetic Information 185

Chapter 6 Genes and Genomes 187

Chapter 7 Replication, Maintenance, and Rearrangements of Genomic DNA 215

Chapter 8 RNA Synthesis and Processing 253

Chapter 9 Transcriptional Regulation and Epigenetics 285

Chapter 10 Protein Synthesis, Processing, and Regulation 315

Part III Cell Structure and Function 353

Chapter 11 The Nucleus 355

Chapter 12 Protein Sorting and Transport 383

Chapter 13 Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, and Peroxisomes 425

Chapter 14 The Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement 453

Chapter 15 The Plasma Membrane 501

Chapter 16 Cell Walls, the Extracellular Matrix, and Cell Interactions 539

Part IV Cell Regulation 563

Chapter 17 Cell Signaling 565

Chapter 18 The Cell Cycle 603

Chapter 19 Cell Renewal and Cell Death 637

Chapter 20 Cancer 669

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