Yeast Biotechnology Diversity and Applications

Yeast Biotechnology
T. Satyanarayana & Gotthard Kunze
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Description of Yeast Biotechnology Diversity and Applications

The Yeast Biotechnology book defined that yeast are Eukaryotic unicellular micro fungi that are widely distributed in the natural environments. Although yeasts are different between as bacteria in the natural environments, they have been isolated from terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environments. Yeast communities have been found in association with plants, animals and insects. 

Some of yeasts also have been isolated from extreme environments (e.g. high sugar or high salt concentrations), low temperature like yeasts isolated from Antarctica, and low oxygen availability like intestinal tracts of animals. Around fifteen hundred species of yeasts belonging to over hundred genera have been described so far.

Content of Yeast Biotechnology Diversity and Applications

Part I Diversity and Biology

1 Antarctic Yeasts: Biodiversity and Potential Applications  3
S. Shivaji and G.S. Prasad

2 Basidiomycetous Yeasts: Current Status  19
Devendra K. Choudhary and Bhavdish N. Johri

3 Hansenula polymorpha ( Pichia angusta ):
Biology and Applications  47
Gotthard Kunze, Hyun Ah Kang, and Gerd Gellissen

4 Debaryomyces hansenii : An Osmotolerant
and Halotolerant Yeast . 65
Monika Aggarwal and Alok K. Mondal

5 C andida famata ( Debaryomyces hansenii ) . 85
Andriy A. Sibirny and Andriy Y. Voronovsky

6 Pichia guilliermondii . 113
Andriy A. Sibirny and Yuriy R. Boretsky

7 Assimilation of Unusual Carbon Compounds  135
Wouter J. Middelhoven

8 Ecology and Biodiversity of Yeasts with Potential
Value in Biotechnology . 151
T. Deak

9 Yeasts Diversity in Fermented Foods and Beverages . 169
Jyoti Prakash Tamang and Graham H. Fleet

10 Utilization of Yeasts in Biological Control Programs  199
R.S. Pimenta, P.B. Morais, C.A. Rosa, and A. Corrêa Jr.

11 Opportunistic Pathogenic Yeasts . 215
Uma Banerjee

12 Interaction Between Yeasts and Zinc  237
Raffaele De Nicola and Graeme Walker

13 Glutathione Production in Yeast  259
Anand K. Bachhawat, Dwaipayan Ganguli, Jaspreet Kaur,
Neha Kasturia Anil Thakur, Hardeep Kaur, Akhilesh Kumar,
and Amit Yadav

14 The Fermentative and Aromatic Ability of Kloeckera
and Hanseniaspora Yeasts  281
Dulce M. Díaz-Montaño and J. de Jesús Ramírez Córdova

15 Assimilatory Nitrate Reduction in Hansenula polymorpha . 307
Beatrice Rossi and Enrico Berardi

Part II Genetic and Molecular Insights

16 Yeast Genetics and Biotechnological Applications . 323
Saroj Mishra and Richa Baranwal

17 A Wide-Range Integrative Expression Vector
(CoMed) System for Yeasts  357
Gerhard Steinborn, Gotthard Kunze, and Gerd Gellissen

18 Advances in Gene Expression in Non-Conventional Yeasts  369
Sanet Nel, Michel Labuschagne, and Jacobus Albertyn

19 A Comparative Study of RNA Polymerase II Transcription
Machinery in Yeasts  405
Nimisha Sharma and Surbhi Mehta

20 Non-Genetic Engineering Approaches for Isolating
and Generating Novel Yeasts for Industrial Applications . 433
P.J. Chambers, J.R. Bellon, S.A. Schmidt, C. Varela,
and I.S. Pretorius

21 Yeast Proteome Analysis . 459
Andrea Matros and Hans-Peter Mock

22 Yeast Genomics for Bread, Beer, Biology, Bucks and Breath . 473
Kishore R. Sakharkar and Meena K. Sakharkar

Part III Biotechnology Applications

23 Ethanol Production from Traditional and Emerging
Raw Materials . 489
Andreas Rudolf, Kaisa Karhumaa, and Bärbel Hahn-Hägerdal

24 Potentiality of Yeasts in the Direct Conversion
of Starchy Materials to Ethanol and Its Relevance
in the New Millennium . 515
L.V.A. Reddy, O.V.S. Reddy, and S.C. Basappa

25 Thermotolerant Yeasts for Bioethanol Production
Using Lignocellulosic Substrates . 551
Chand Pasha and L. Venkateshwar Rao

26 Applications of the Non-Conventional Yeast
Yarrowia lipolytica  589
France Thevenieau, Jean-Marc Nicaud, and Claude Gaillardin

27 Arxula adeninivorans (Blastobotrys adeninivorans) –
A Dimorphic Yeast of Great Biotechnological Potential . 615
Erik Böer, Gerhard Steinborn, Kristina Florschütz,
Martina Körner, Gerd Gellissen, and Gotthard Kunze

28 Biotechnological Applications of Dimorphic Yeasts  635
N. Doiphode, C. Joshi, V. Ghormade, and M.V. Deshpande

29 Extracellular Polysaccharides Produced by Yeasts
and Yeast-Like Fungi  651
Inge N.A. Van Bogaert, Sofie L. De Maeseneire,
and Erick J. Vandamme

30 Industrially Important Carbohydrate Degrading Enzymes from Yeasts: Pectinases, Chitinases, and b-1,3-Glucanases  673
Sathyanarayana N. Gummadi, D. Sunil Kumar,
Swati S. Dash, and Santosh Kumar Sahu

31 Yeast Acid Phosphatases and Phytases: Production,
Characterization and Commercial Prospects . 693
Parvinder Kaur and T. Satyanarayana

32 Nitrile Metabolizing Yeasts  715
Tek Chand Bhalla, Monica Sharma, and Nitya Nand Sharma

Index . 737
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