Applied Dairy Microbiology

Dairy Microbiology
Elmer H. Marth & James L. Steele
Release at: 2001
Pages: 759
Second Edition
File Size: 7 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Content of Applied Dairy Microbiology

In this Applied Dairy Microbiology reflects that evolution and provides the reader with the latest available information. This Applied Dairy Microbiology book includes 18 chapters. Rather than the 14 found in the first edition. Nearly all chapters that appeared in both editions have been revised and updated.

Chapter 1 defines ‘‘Microbiology of the Dairy Animal,’’ contains more information on Escherichia coli 0157: H7 and a discussion of bovine spongiform encephalopathy. 

Chapter 2, ‘‘Raw Milk and Fluid Milk Products,’’

Chapter 3, ‘‘Concentrated and Dry Milk and Wheys.’’ 

Chapter 4  includes information about ‘‘Frozen Desserts,’’ on sherbet, sorbet, and ice cream novelties. 

Chapter 5 defines ‘‘Microbiology of Butter and Related Products,’’ addresses current industrial practices and includes numerous figures. 

Chapter 6 defines ‘‘Starter Cultures and Their Use,’’ discusses isolation and enumeration of lactic acid bacteria. 

Chapter 7 of the first edition has evolved into two chapters with new authors: ‘‘Metabolism of Starter Cultures’’ and ‘‘Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria.’’ Both chapters deal with their subjects in the first edition of this Applied Dairy Microbiology book.

Chapter 8 has divided into two chapters, 

‘‘Fermented Milk and Cream’’ (Chapter 9) and 

‘‘Probiotics and Prebiotics’’ (Chapter 10). 

Chapter 11, discusses processed cheese products, ‘‘Cheese Products,’’ Chapter name.

Chapter 12 covers ‘‘Fermented By-Products.’’ 

‘‘Public Health Concerns,’’ Chapter 13, includes information on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. 

Chapter 14 defines ‘‘Cleaning and Sanitizing in Milk Production and Processing,’’ is new to this edition of the book. 

Chapter 15 defines ‘‘Control of Microorganisms in Dairy Processing: Dairy Product Safety Systems." 

Chapter 16 defines ‘‘Regulatory Control of Milk and Milk Products.’’ 

Chapter 17 named and defines ‘‘Testing Milk and Milk Products,’’ addresses ropy milk and provides views of a modern dairy testing laboratory. 

Chapter 18 define ‘‘Treatment of Dairy Wastes’’ rounds out the topic.

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