Handbook of Marine Macroalgae Biotechnology and Applied Phycology

Handbook of Marine Macroalgae
Se-Kwon Kim
Release at: 2012
Pages: 581
First Edition
File Size: 9 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Content of Handbook of Marine Macroalgae Biotechnology and Applied Phycology

Chapter 1 Biological Importance of Marine Algae 1–35

Chapter 2 Seaweeds: The Wealth of Oceans 36–44 

Chapter 3 Eco?Biochemical Studies of Common Seaweeds in the Lower Gangetic Delta 45–57

Chapter 4 Chemodiversity and Bioactivity within Red and Brown Macroalgae Along the French coasts, Metropole and Overseas Departements and Territories 58–105

Chapter 5 Physiological Basis for the use of Seaweeds as Indicators of Anthropogenic Pressures: The Case of Green Tides 106–115

Chapter 6 Significance of the Presence of Trace and Ultratrace Elements in Seaweeds 116–170

Chapter 7 Chemical Composition of Seaweeds 171–192

Chapter 8 Structural Peculiarities of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Red Algae Tichocarpus crinitus (Tichocarpaceae) and Chondrus pinnulatus (Gigartinaceae) Collected at the Russian Pacific Coast 193–204

Chapter 9 Extraction and Characterization of Seaweed Nanoparticles for Application on Cotton Fabric 205–220

Chapter 10 Enzyme?assisted Extraction and Recovery of Bioactive Components from Seaweeds 221–228

Chapter 11 Structure and Use of Algal Sulfated Fucans and Galactans 229–261

Chapter 12 Bioactive Metabolites from Seaweeds 262–284

Chapter 13 Seaweed Digestibility and Methods used for Digestibility Determination 285–301

Chapter 14 Metallation of Seaweed Fucus vesiculosus Metallothionein: As3+ and Cd2+ binding 302–317

Chapter 15 In Vivo and in Vitro Toxicity Studies of Fucoxanthin, a Marine Carotenoid 319–328

Chapter 16 Brown Seaweed Lipids as Potential Source of Omega? 3 PUFA in Biological Systems  329–339

Chapter 17 Immune Regulatory Effects of Phlorotannins Derived From Marine Brown Algae (Phaeophyta) 340–347

Chapter 18 In Vivo and In Vitro Studies of Seaweed Compounds 348–355

Chapter 19 Brown Seaweed?Derived Phenolic Phytochemicals and Their Biological Activities for Functional Food Ingredients with Focus on Ascophyllum nodosum 356–370

Chapter 20 Antiobesity and Antidiabetic Effects of Seaweeds 371–377

Chapter 21 Health Beneficial Aspects of Phloroglucinol Derivatives from Marine Brown Algae 378–386

Chapter 22 Biological Effects of Proteins Extracted from Marine Algae 387–397

Chapter 23 Functional Ingredients from Marine Algae as Potential Antioxidants in the Food Industry 398–402

Chapter 24 Algal Carotenoids as Potent Antioxidants 403–414

Chapter 25 Anti?HIV Activities of Marine Macroalgae 415–423

Chapter 26 Biotechnology of Seaweeds: Facing the Coming Decade 424–430

Chapter 27 Current Trends and Future Prospects of Biotechnological Interventions through Plant Tissue Culture in Seaweeds 431–440

Chapter 28 Detoxification Mechanisms of Heavy Metals by Algal–Bacteria Consortia 441–450

Chapter 29 Manufacturing Technology of Bioenergy Using Algae 451–460

Chapter 30 Seaweed as an Adsorbent to Treat Cr(VI)?Contaminated Wastewater 461–477

Chapter 31 Using the Biomass of Seaweeds in the Production of Components of Feed and Fertilizers 478–490

Chapter 32 Applications of Seaweed in Meat?Based Functional Foods 491–499

Chapter 33 Industrial Applications of Macroalgae 500–521

Chapter 34 Application of Seaweeds in the Food Industry 522–531

Chapter 35 A Dimensional Investigation on Seaweeds: Their Biomedical and Industrial Applications 532–540

Chapter 36 Seaweed Polysaccharides–Food Applications 541–555

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