Handbook of Microbial Culture

Handbook of Microbial Culture
Amos Richmond & Qiang Hu
Release at: 2013
Pages: 726
Second Edition
File Size: 11 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Handbook of Microbial Culture

The most prominent issue which has been dominating the applied microalgal world for the past few years is seen in the great surge of interest in the mass cultivation for promising products of microalgae, first and foremost among which has been microalgal fuel. The self-propelled interest in algae-based fuel is attracting several newcomers to this novel biotechnology, who affect the current course of research and promote ambitious entrepreneurship. A concise historical overview of microalgal biotechnology seems therefore essential, for providing a background and a perspective for understanding the current state of the art as well as an evaluation of the present and the future research trends.

The formal beginning of this field of research and applications may be seen in the founding of the “Algae Mass Culture Symposium” held in 1952 at Stanford University, USA. This was followed by the pioneering “Alga Culture – From Laboratory to Pilot Plant,” a brilliant report and conclusions of this initial phase of studying the feasibility of microalgal mass cultivation outdoors, which was edited by J.S. Burlew. A certain lull in research followed thereafter, essentially since the initial summation of the see early experiments (conducted in the forties and early fifties) did not carry any great promise for commercial microalgal endeavors.

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