Mathematics Education in a Context of Inequity, Poverty and Language Diversity

Mathematics Education in a Context of Inequity, Poverty and Language Diversity

Mamokgethi Phakeng & Stephen Lerman
Release at: 2016
Pages: 173
1st Edition (Giving Direction and Advancing the Field)
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File Type: pdf
Language: English

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Mathematics Education in a Context of Inequity, Poverty and Language Diversity by Mamokgethi Phakeng & Stephen Lerman is a great book available in (eBook) PDF download. This Mathematics Education in a Context of Inequity, Poverty and Language Diversity book is dedicated to the remarkable career of Jill Adler and the role she has played in growing in South Africa research mathematics education, Africa and beyond. Her work epitomizes what is referred to as the ‘engaged scholar’, Included in the latter is her enormous contribution to research capacity development has made a substantial contribution by her work with research teams and graduate students, particularly in South Africa during a critical time of political transition.

I do not exactly remember the first time I met Jill. I suppose that this was at an international conference, certainly at one of the annual conferences of the Interna- tional Group on the Psychology of Mathematics Education as, for decades, she has been a very active member of the PME community. In fact, I really came to know her when, in 2002, she was elected vice-president of ICMI or the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction. I had entered the executive committee of ICMI in 1998 and was beginning my second term as vice-president at that time. With Jill Adler, the voice of Africa physically entered the executive committee. As surprising as it may appear, Jill was indeed the first member of an ICMI executive committee to come from an African country! And this was really welcome!

As this book also makes clear, Jill Adler’s research is not limited to the linguistic area; her contribution to the theme of teacher education especially is also of major importance. Once again, her deep knowledge of the international state of this domain, so crucial for mathematics education, the interest of the diverse projects she had already piloted at that time, was of inestimable help during her two terms as vice-president in the ICMI executive committee. Reading this book, I am eager to know more about the large-scale and ambitious projects she has led in the recent years, with which I am less familiar, such as the Wits Maths Connect Secondary Project, ‘aiming to further develop mathematics teaching practice at the secondary level so as to enable more learners from disadvantaged communities to qualify for the study of mathematics-related courses at university’, as explained in the citation accompanying the attribution of the 2015 Hans Freudenthal ICMI Medal to Jill.

Content of Veterinary Virology 3rd Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: Adler’s Contribution to Research on Mathematics Education and Language Diversity

Chapter 2: Bakhtin and Some Dilemmas of Mathematics–Language

Chapter 3: Dilemmas and the Teaching of Mathematics: A Conversation of Commitments, Obligations, and Ambivalence

Chapter 4: Coming of Age: A Time to Ponder—A Tribute to Jill Adler

Chapter 5: Establishing a Community of Practice of Leading African Scholars in Mathematics Education: The Significant Contribution of Prof. Jill Adler

Chapter 6: Successful Postgraduate Mathematics Education Supervision

Chapter 7: Researcher as Activist: A Conversation

Chapter 8: Defining the Problems of Mathematics Education, Getting the Description Right and Making It Count: Jill Adler’s Contribution and Beyond

Chapter 9: Variation and Contingency in Mathematics Teacher Education: Considerations for the Development of a Knowledge Base for Teaching

Chapter 10: Teachers Editing Textbooks: Transforming Conventional Connections Among Teachers, Textbook Authors, and Mathematicians

Chapter 11: Jill Adler: Biographical Contributions



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