Molecular Genetics of Cancer 2nd edition (PDF)

Molecular Genetics of Cancer

Release at: 2001
Pages: 677
Second Edition
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Description of Molecular Genetics of Cancer 2nd Edition (PDF)

Molecular Genetics of Cancer 2nd Edition by J.K.Cowell is a great book for Cancer genetics studies available in (eBook) PDF download. Cancer is a disease of the genes. A genetic predisposition to many forms of cancer can be passed from parent to child and the determining genetic events required for a malignant phenotype are passed from cell to cell. In 1995, when the first edition of this book was published, there were only a handful of cancer predisposition genes that had been identified. Even though it was known that many more existed, the lack of reagents and technologies to isolate them at that time made the cloning process very long and tedious. It could hardly have been imagined then, how the pace of cancer gene discovery would accelerate, due in a large part to the development of enabling technologies and the rapid progress of the human genome project together with the general availability of the information that was being generated.

Many of the genes responsible for the common hereditary forms of cancer have now been isolated, with a few notable exceptions such as prostate. The cloning of these genes has been the direct consequence of the incremental development of genetic information. It was this rapid expansion in the isolation and characterization of human cancer genes which prompted the production of the second edition of this book. Although the aim was to provide up-to-date coverage of the underlying details about these genes, in a book of this size it has not been possible to cover every aspect of the subject. For the cancers which were reviewed last time, this volume provides an update on the significant developments in these areas. For the many cancer genes which have been isolated over the past few years, this volume provides a more comprehensive overview of the subject.

As before, it was not possible to include all types of hereditary cancer and all of the specific types of tumors where the involvement of specific genes and pathways have been studied in some detail. Consequently, the leukemias have been deliberately excluded since they could produce a volume to themselves. I also chose to exclude syndromes such as Bloom’s, Ataxia Telangiectasia and Fanconi’s anemia which represent a distinct group of radiation-induced cancers that have been the subject of many volumes recently. Deliberately included were tumors of tissues such as liver, lung, bladder, and brain where there is no direct evidence for predisposition loci but, because of their relatively high incidence in the population and their importance to public health, a lot is known about the genetic events which occur within these tumors. Also included, and appropriately at the end of the chapters, is a review of the telomerase enzyme which is being shown to have overarching importance to the development of cancer which is of interest to basic biologists, and those involved in cancer therapeutics, alike.

Content of Molecular Genetics of Cancer 2nd Edition (PDF)

1. Basic principles in cancer genetics. 1

2. Defining genetic changes associated with cutaneous malignant melanoma. 40
M.U.Faruque and J.M.Trent

3. The genetics of breast and ovarian cancer. 64
P.J.Neville, S.J.Morland, S.A.J.Vaziri, and G.Casey

4. Genetics of von Hippel-Lindau disease. 100

5. Genetics of NF1 and NF2. 118
M.R.Wallace and M.MacCollin

6. Genetics of gastric cancer. 143

7. Multiple endocrine neoplasia type I. 186

8. Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2. 218

9. TP53 in cancer origin and treatment. 248
E.A.Komarova, P.M.Chumakov, and A.V.Gudkov

10. Colorectal cancer. 296
P.D.Chapman and J.Burn

11. Genetics of prostate cancer. 323
T.Kainu and W.Issacs

12. Tuberous sclerosis complex. 350
M.Nellist, S.Verhoef, D.Lindhout, D.J.J.Halley, and A.M.W.van den Ouweland

13. Retinoblastoma: patients, tumors, genes, and proteins contribute to the understanding of cancer. 375
A.S.Duckett, L.Dagnino, and B.L.Gallie

14. Genetics of Wilms tumor. 398
M.A.E.Frevel and B.R.G.Williams

15. Genetics of neuroblastoma. 420
J.M.Maris and G.M.Brodeur

16. Genetics of brain tumors. 456
B.K.Ahmed Rasheed, R.N.Wiltshire, S.H.Bigner

17. Molecular genetics of lung cancer. 485
F.J.Kaye and A.Kubo

18. Genetics of liver cancer. 519
A.-M.Hui, L.Sun, and M.Makuuchi

19. The genetics of bladder cancer. 544

20. Genetics of rhabdomyosarcoma. 578
J.G.Pressey and F.G.Barr

21. Role of telomeres and telomerase in aging and cancer. 605
J.W.Shay, W.E.Wright, and R.A.Schultz

Index 637

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