Science, SETI, and Mathematics by Carl L. DeVito (PDF)

Science, SETI, and Mathematics

Author: Carl L. DeVito
Release at: 2014
Pages: 221
Edition: 1st Edition
File Size: 1 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Science, SETI, and Mathematics (PDF)

Science, SETI, and Mathematics written by Carl L. DeVito is a great book for extraterrestrial intelligence related studies available in PDF download. Science, SETI, and Mathematics is intended for my colleagues in the humanistic and natural sciences who share my interest in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). It is about the role mathematics might play in this endeavor. Since I am writing for a wide audience, an audience of people with very diverse backgrounds, I have focused on ideas and avoided mathematical symbolism and technical jargon. No prior knowledge of mathematics is assumed and, since this subject may be new to many of my readers, I also present the history of, and the science behind, this search. My goal is to stimulate a discussion, among scientists interested in this area, of the ideas presented here.

Many contend that a great deal of our mathematics would be understandable, even familiar, to the members of any technologically sophisticated race—the only kind of society our current methods of searching will enable us to find. I examine this contention in detail. The astronomical environment of our planet, in particular our large moon, human evolutionary history, and our reliance on the sense of sight, have all influenced our mathematics.

The subject is very much a part of our humanity, somewhat like our music and art. But mathematics has a way of becoming useful either as a model for some aspect of reality or in olving practical problems, and it can be more easily communicated to another, distant, society. I have tried to show that, in doing so, we say quite a lot about ourselves.

Content of Science, SETI, and Mathematics (PDF)

Chapter 1: Where Are We?

Chapter 2: Naïve Questions

Chapter 3: Are We Special?

Chapter 4: Stories—Part One

Chapter 5: Measuring Our Solar Neighborhood

Chapter 6: The Scotsman

Chapter 7: The Birth of SETI

Chapter 8: The Conference at Green Bank

Chapter 9: Stories—Part Two

Chapter 10: Talking to E.T.

Chapter 11: Languages

Chapter 12: Paradoxes

Chapter 13: The Universal Scienceilus

Chapter 14: The Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 15: The General Theory of Relativity

Chapter 16: The University of Colorado Study

Chapter 17: Surprise!

Chapter 18: Epilogue

Appendix I. Infinite Sets

Appendix II. Mars

Appendix III. The DeVito-Oehrle Language




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