Eugene P. Odum
Release at: 1975
Pages: 260
Second Edition
File Size: 33 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Ecology

This ecology book was published in 1975, the scope of ecology has been enlarged by public demand. The scope of people's thinking and the ecology subject ecology have broadened accordingly. Ecology was a branch of biology of rather secondary importance that dealt with the relationships of organisms and environment; now it is widely viewed in terms of the study of the totality of man and environment. 

Granted that the word "ecology" is often misused as a synonym for "environment," popularization of the subject has had the beneficial effect of focusing attention on man as a part of, rather than apart from, his natural surroundings. In a very real sense ecology has become a major integrative discipline that links together the physical, biological, and social sciences; hence, the subtitle of this edition: The Link Between the Natural and title Social Sciences.

Content of Ecology

1 The Scope of Ecology 1

2 The Ecosystem 14

3 Energy Flow Within the Ecosystem 59

4 Biogeochemical Cycles and Limiting Factor Concepts 90

5 Population Ecology 121

6 Ecosystem Development and Evolution 150

7 Major Ecosystems of the World 170

8 Resources, Pollution, Bionomics, and Ecosystem Management 204

Appendix 1 231

Appendix 2 232

Appendix 3 234

Index 235

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