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Plant Nematodes
John Bridge & James L. Starr
Release at: 2007
Pages: 153
1st Edition
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Description of Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance

Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance 2nd Edition written by John Bridge & James L. Starr for Plant Nematodes study available in PDF to get a free download. In this Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance, the book defines Soil and plant nematodes are one of the most numerous groups of organisms occurring in the soil. They are microscopic organisms and, with a few exceptions, are not visible to the naked eye. The majority of the soilborne nematodes are not pests of crops and feed on other organisms, particularly bacteria and fungi. Those that parasitize of crop plants can be very damaging and, because of their microscopic size, associating them with crop damage is therefore mainly dependent on determining the symptoms of their effects on plant growth.

Some parasitic nematodes do produce characteristic and recognizable symptoms of damage but many of them only produce nonspecific symptoms. The symptoms and damage caused can be visible above ground; however, apart from poor growth and yield of the plants, the specific nematode induced damage symptoms can often only be seen in the below-ground plant organs, bulbs, corms, mainly the roots, rhizomes, and tubers.

Content of Plant Nematodes of Agricultural Importance

Chapter 1 Plant Nematode Biology and Parasitism 5

Introduction 6

Migratory ectoparasites 8

Migratory endoparasites 11

Sedentary endoparasites 14

Chapter 2 Grain Legumes 19

Introduction 20

Soybean: Glycine max 20

Peanut (groundnut): Arachis hypogeae 27

Other beans and peas 32

Chapter 3 Vegetables 39

Vegetable crops 40

Chapter 4 Flowers 45

Flower crops 46

Chapter 5 Cereals 51

Rice: Oryza sativa 52

Maize: Zea mays L. 61

Wheat: Triticum aestrivum 64

Chapter 6 Root and Tuber Crops 69

Introduction 70

Potato: Solanum tuberosum 70

Sweet potato: Ipomoea batatas 77

Yams: Dioscorea spp. 79

Cassava: Manihot esculenta 84

Taro: Colocasia esculenta  86

Ginger: Zingiber officinale  88

Carrot: Daucus carota  90

Sugar beet: Beta vulgaris  92

Chapter 7 Tree, Plantation, and Cash Crops 97

Introduction 98

Banana and plantain: Musa spp. 98

Black pepper: Piper nigrum  106

Citrus crops 108

Coconut: Cocos nucifera; Oil palm: Elaeis guineensis 111

Cotton: Gossypium spp. 114

Tobacco: Nicotiana tabacum 120

Coffee: Coffeae spp. 122

Sugarcane: Saccharum officinarum 125

Pineapple: Ananas comosus 128

Deciduous fruit and nut crops 130

Chapter 8 Collection, Extraction, and Preservation of Nematodes for Diagnosis 

Introduction 136

Collecting samples 136

Care of samples after collection 139

Extraction of nematodes from soil and plant samples 140

Staining nematodes in plant tissues 143

Nematode identification 144

Bibliography 145

Glossary 146

Index 149

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