Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens

Plant Pathogens
John A. Lucas
Release at: 1998
Pages: 290
Third Edition
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Language: English

Description of Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens

Plant pathology is an applied science concerned primarily with practical solutions to disease problems in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. The study of plant disease, and the development of methods for its control, continue to be vital elements in the drive to improve crop productivity. Projected world population growth makes this a priority. 

In recent years, however, experimental analysis of the interactions between plants and pathogens has become fertile territory for scientists interested in fundamental aspects of plant recognition and response systems, signal pathways, and stress physiology. The use of molecular genetic techniques has provided new insights into how pathogens cause disease, and how plants defend themselves against attack. In turn, this new understanding is suggesting novel ways in which plant disease might be controlled.

This book is intended to provide an introduction to the main elements of plant pathology, including both the practical aspects of disease identification, assessment, and control and fundamental aspects of host-pathogen interaction. The aim is to place the subject not only in the context of agricultural science, but also in the wider spheres of ecology, population biology, cell biology and genetics. The recent impact of molecular biology on the diagnosis and analysis of plant disease is a recurrent theme.

Content of Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens

Part 1: Plant Disease, 1

1 The Diseased Plant, 5

2 The Microbial Pathogens, 20

3 Pathogen Structure and Function, 30

4 Disease Assessment and Forecasting, 54

5 Plant Disease Epidemics, 72

Part 2: Host-Pathogen Interactions, 87

6 Entry and Colonization of the Host, 91

7 The Physiology of Plant Disease, 109

8 Microbial Pathogenicity, 123

9 Plant Defence, 140

10 Host-Pathogen Specificity, 166

Part 3: Disease Management, 191

11 Disease Management by Chemicals, 195

12 Disease Management by Host Resistance, 217

13 Biological Control of Plant Disease, 233

14 An Integrated Approach to Disease Management, 249

Appendix: Annotated List of Pathogens and the Diseases they Cause, 257

Index, 265

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