Plant Toxicology 4th Edition (PDF)

Plant Toxicology
Bertold Hock & Erich F. Elstner
Release at: 2005
Pages: 664
Fourth Edition
File Size: 11 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Plant Toxicology 4th Edition

Plant Toxicology 4th Edition written by Bertold Hock and Erich F. Elstner is great for plant toxicology studies get in ebook (PDF) download. The Book Plant toxicology is dealing with poisons causing harmful effects in plants. Not only animals and humans but also plants are affected by a multitude of toxins. Therefore plant toxicology is damages concerned, which are caused by toxic agents, deliberately or either accidentally. 

Considering the growing number of environmental compounds interfering with plant metabolism and development, and keeping in mind the role of plants as primary producers of food, it is surprising that the term toxicology has been confined almost exclusively to humans and animals. If recent damages like forest diebacks are taken into account, it is clear that plant toxicology represents an important branch in biological sciences.

Understanding of toxic processes in plants requires detailed knowledge of molecular events when toxic compounds, as well as elicitors during host-pathogen interactions, bind to their molecular targets. However, toxicology involves the entire series of phases that are relevant toxic processes, i.e. exposure to toxic material, uptake, distribution, metabolism and finally secretion. These topics are central to this book.

Content of Plant Toxicology 4th Edition

1. Characteristics of Plant Life: Hazards from Pollutants 1
Bertold Hock and Nicola M. Wolf

2. Plant Stress: Avoidance, Adaptation, Defense 87

3. Uptake and Transport of Xenobiotics 131
Markus Riederer

4. Air Pollution: Trace Gases as Inducers of Plant Damage 151
Harald Schempp, Susanne Hippeli, Erich F. Elstner, and Christian Langebartels

5. Limitation of Salt Stress to Plant Growth 191
Yuncai Hu and Urs Schmidhalter

6. Mineral Element Toxicities: Aluminum and Manganese 225
Walter J. Horst, Angelika StaƟ, and Marion M. Fecht-Christoffers

7. Herbicides 247
Carl Fedtke and Stephen O. Duke

8. Molecular Basis of Toxic Effects: Inhibition of Cellular Pathways and Structural Components 331
K. Kramer and Bertold Hock

9. Metabolism and Elimination of Toxicants 469
K. K. Hatzios

10. Host-Pathogen Relations: Diseases Caused by Viruses, Subviral Organisms, and Phytoplasmas 519
Bala´zs Barna and Lo´ra´nt Kiraly

11. Interactions Between Host Plants and Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens 555
Ingrid Heiser, Jo¨rg Durner, and Christian Langebartels

12. Allelopathy 597
Astrid Lux-Endrich and Bertold Hock

Index 621

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