Basic English Grammar 2nd Edition (PDF)

Basic English Grammar
Betty Scrampfe, Azar
Release at: 1996
Pages: 482
2nd Edition
File Size: 20 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Basic English Grammar 2nd Edition

This Basic English Grammar book remains a developmental skills text for students written by Betty Scrampfe, Azar available in pdf ebook free download. English as a second or foreign language. Serving as both a workbook and a reference, it introduces students to the meaning, form, and usage of basic structures in English. It provides ample opportunities for practice varied exercises and through extensive leading to communicative activities. Although it focuses on English grammar, it promotes the development of all language skills.

This 2nd edition of this Basic English Grammar book has a greatly expanded range of contents to provide a solid core of basic English grammar for beginning students. It includes numerous new exercises with, at the end of each chapter, cumulative review exercises that include additional interactive and communicative student-centered tasks. Also available is an Answer Key with answers only and include a Teacher's  Guide, with teaching suggestions as well as the answers to the exercises.

Author of this Basic English Grammar helped by many wonderful people: dedicated teachers who give presentations at write articles and conferences for regional newsletters or international journals; researchers who explore the hows and whys of 2nd language acquisition;  grammarians who present their observations clearly and convincingly; past and present authors of other ESL/EFL grammar materials who show creative and sound approaches to helping students gain understanding and usage ability of English; colleagues who give me valuable feedback and share their pedagogical insights; and publishing professionals who know how to mold and market educational materials. We all rely on one another.

Content of Basic English Grammar 2nd Edition

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