Raven Biology 11th Edition (PDF) Download

Peter H. Raven, George B. Johnson, 
Kenneth A. Mason, Jonathan B. Loson, & 
Susan R. Singer
Release at: 2017
Pages: 1410
11th Edition
File Size: 238 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Biology 11th Edition

The Biology 11th edition written by Raven and Johnson is a great book for general biology study available in (PDF) to get a print or download. The new Biology 11th edition by Raven and Johnson continues the momentum built over the last three editions. This Biology 11th edition book provides an unmatched comprehensive and text fully integrated with a continually evolving, state of the art digital environment. The textbook used this digital environment in the revision of Biology. The McGraw-Hill Smart Booke for the 10th edition provided data on student responses, and thus identify material that students find difficult. This "heat-mapping" technology is unique in the industry and allows us to direct editing to difficult areas, or problem areas for students. 

The text continues to be a leader with an organization that emphasizes important biological concepts while keeping the student engaged with learn-ing outcomes that allow assessment of progress in understanding these concepts. An inquiry-based approach with robust, adaptive tools for discovery and assessment in both text and digital resources provides the intellectual challenge needed to promote student critical thinking and ensure academic success. 

A major strength of both text and digital resources is assessment across multiple levels of Bloom's taxonomy that develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addition to comprehensive factual knowledge. McGraw-Hill's Connect platform offers a powerful suite of online tools that are linked to the text and now include new quantitative assessment tools. The adaptive learning system helps students study efficiently, learn faster,  & retain more knowledge of key concepts. 

The Raven biology 11th edition continues our tradition of providing the student with clear learning paths that emphasize data analysis and quantitative reasoning. The eBook embedded some additional resources link to asides that delve more deeply into quantitative aspects. As a team, we continually strive to improve the text by integrating the latest cognitive and best practices research with methods that are known to positively affect learning. We have multiple features that are focused on scientific inquiry, including an increased quantitative emphasis in the Scientific Thinking figures. 

We continue to use the accessible, engaging and concise, writing style of past editions while maintaining the clear emphasis on scientific inquiry evolution that has made this a leading textbook of choice for majors biology students. Our emphasis on evolution combined with integrated cell and molecular genomics and biology offers our readers a student-friendly text that is modern and well balanced. The Raven biology 11th edition continues to employ the aesthetically stunning art program that the Raven and Johnson Biology text is known for.

Content of Biology 11th Edition

Raven Biology Content 11th Edition

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