Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition (PDF)

Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition

Author: Eric P. Widmaier, Hershel Raff, Kevin T. Strang & Todd C. Shoepe
Release at: 2018
Pages: 801
Edition: 15th Edition
File Size: 52 MB
File Type: PDF
Language: English

Description of Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition (PDF)

Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition by Widmaier, Strang & Shoepe is a great book for Human Physiology studies available in (eBook) PDF download. The 15th edition of Vander’s Human Physiology has been updated throughout to reflect the latest advances in our knowledge of physiological processes, including their cellular and molecular mechanisms. Each chapter has been carefully read for opportunities to improve clarity or flow, or to enhance artwork by editing existing art, improving the detail and sophistication of anatomical illustrations, or adding new art. As in previous editions, we have paid particular attention to the many different assessment tools that have been introduced into the text over several editions. In some cases, for example, new Physiological Inquiries have been added to key figures, and others have been modified to reflect feedback from users of the book.

Every chapter starts with an introduction giving the reader a brief overview of what is to be covered in that chapter. Included in the introduction for the fifteenth edition is a feature that provides students with a preview of those General Principles of Physiology (introduced in Chapter 1) that will be covered in the chapter.

Topics of all related to Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition are covered in this book. Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition book all those teachers, doctors and nursing students who are doing research basis work related to Human Physiology and biology, very useful for them. Human Physiology book is also very useful for such students who are currently studding M.B.B.S. and Ph. D. Courses. Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition book, all the facts of related subjects have been expressed in easy language. The person reading this Human Physiology book can get complete information on the subject related to it. Information of the subject matter is given below on content section.

Content of Vander's Human Physiology 15th Edition (PDF)

Chapter 1: Homeostasis: A Framework for Human Physiology

Chapter 2: Chemical Composition of the Body and Its Relation to Physiology

Chapter 3: Cellular Structure, Proteins, and Metabolic Pathways

Chapter 4: Movement of Solutes and Water Across Cell Membranes

Chapter 5: Cell Signaling in Physiology

Chapter 6: Neuronal Signaling and the Structure of the Nervous System

Chapter 7: Sensory Physiology

Chapter 8: Consciousness, the Brain, and Behavior

Chapter 9: Muscle

Chapter 10: Control of Body Movement

Chapter 11: The Endocrine System

Chapter 12: Cardiovascular Physiology

Chapter 13: Respiratory Physiology

Chapter 14: The Kidneys and Regulation of Water and Inorganic Ions

Chapter 15: The Digestion and Absorption of Food

Chapter 16: Regulation of Organic Metabolism and Energy Balance

Chapter 17: Reproduction

Chapter 18: The Immune System

Chapter 19: Medical Physiology: Integration Using Clinical Cases

SECTION A Case Study of a Woman with Palpitations and Heat Intolerance

SECTION B Case Study of a Man with Chest Pain After a Long Airplane Flight

SECTION C Case Study of a Man with Abdominal Pain, Fever, and Circulatory Failure

SECTION D Case Study of a College Student with Nausea, Flushing, and Sweating




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