Fields Virology 6th Edition Two Volume Set (PDF)

Field Virology
David M. Knipe, Peter M. Howley, Jeffrey I.
Cohen, Diane E. Griffin, MD, Robert A. Lamb,
Malcolm A. Martin, Vincent R. Racaniello &
Bernard Roizman
Release at: 2013
Pages: 2582
6th Edition (Two Volume Set)
File Size: 120 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Fields Virology 6th Edition Two Volume Set

Fields Virology 6th Edition written by David M. Knipe & Peter M. Howley is a great book for Virology studies available in ebook (PDF) free download. In the early 1980s, Bernie Fields originated the idea of a virology reference textbook that combined the viral replication molecular aspects with the viral infections medical features. This broad view of virology related to Bernie’s own research, which applied molecular and genetic analyses to the study of viral pathogenesis, providing an important part of the foundation for the field of molecular pathogenesis. Bernie led the publication of the first three editions of Virology but unfortunately died soon after the third edition went into production. The 3rd edition of becoming Fields Virology in his memory and it is fitting that the Field Virology book continues to carry his name.

We are pleased that the printed book of the Fields Virology 6th edition contains four-color art throughout and that an e-book version accompanies the printed book as well. We have increased the numbers of figures in each chapter and with the availability of the figures and the color from the e-book for use as slides, most chapters should have sufficient figures in this Virology book for slides for one lecture. There have been continued significant advances in virology since the previous means 5th edition six years ago, and all of the chapters have been updated to reflect these advances. Our increased knowledge of virology has caused us to use shortened lists of key references in the printed book of Field Virology to save space, whereas complete reference lists appear as part of the Fields Virology eBook. We have retained the general organization of the earlier editions for the Fields Virology 6th edition

Content of Fields Virology 6th Edition Two Volume Set


SECTION I: General Virology  1
1  Virology: From Virome to Contagium Fluidum 1
Lynn W. Enquist  and Vincent R. Racaniello
2  Principles of Virology 21
Richard C. Condit
3  Principles of Virus Structure 52
Stephen C. Harrison
4  Virus Entry and Uncoating 87
Ari Helenius
5  Viral Replication Strategies 105
Sean Whelan
6  Virus Assembly 127
Eric Hunter
7  Viruses, Cell Transformation, and Cancer 153
Daniel DiMaio  and Hung Fan
8  Innate Responses to Viral Infections 189
Akiko Iwasaki and Ruslan Medzhitov
9  Adaptive Immune Response to Viral Infections  214
Thomas J. Braciale, Young S. Hahn,  and Dennis R. Burton
10  Pathogenesis of Viral Infection 254
Mark T. Heise  and Herbert W. Virgin
11  Virus Evolution 286
Edward C. Holmes
12  Epidemiology 314
Neal Nathanson  and William J. Moss
13  Antiviral Agents 338
Donald M. Coen  and Douglas D. Richman
14  Immunization Against Viral Diseases 374
Barney S. Graham, James E. Crowe, Jr.,  and Julie E. Ledgerwood
15  Diagnostic Virology 414
Gregory A. Storch  and David Wang

SECTION II: Specific Virus Families  453
16  Picornaviridae: The Viruses and Replication  453
Vincent R. Racaniello
17  Enteroviruses: Polioviruses, Coxsackieviruses, Echoviruses, and Newer Enteroviruses  490
Mark A. Pallansch, M. Steven Oberste,  and J. Lindsay Whitton
18  Rhinoviruses 531
James E. Gern  and Ann C. Palmenberg
19  Hepatitis A Virus 550
F. Blaine Hollinger  and Annette Martin
20  Caliciviridae: The Noroviruses 582
Kim Y. Green
21  Astroviruses 609
Ernesto Méndez  and Carlos F. Arias
22  Togaviridae 629
Richard J. Kuhn
23  Alphaviruses 651
Diane E. Griffin
24  Rubella Virus 687
Tom C. Hobman
25  Flaviviridae 712
Brett D. Lindenbach, Catherine L. Murray, Charles M. Rice, and Heinz-Jürgen Thiel
26  Flaviviruses 747
Theodore C. Pierson  and Michael S. Diamond
27  Hepatitis C Virus 795
Stuart C. Ray, Justin R. Bailey,  and David L. Thomas
28  Coronaviridae 825
Paul S. Masters  and Stanley Perlman
29  Arteriviruses 859
Eric J. Snijder  and Marjolein Kikkert
Order Mononegavirales
30  Mononegavirales 880
Robert A. Lamb
31  Rhabdoviridae 885
Douglas S. Lyles, Ivan V. Kuzmin,  and Charles E. Rupprecht
32  Filoviridae: Marburg and Ebola Viruses 923
Heinz Feldmann, Thomas W. Geisbert and Anthony Sanchez
33  Paramyxoviridae 957
Robert A. Lamb  and Griffith D. Parks
34  Parainfluenza Viruses 996
Ruth A. Karron  and Peter L. Collins
35  Mumps Virus 1024
Steven A. Rubin, Christian J. Sauder,  and Kathryn M. Carbone
36  Measles Virus 1042
Diane E. Griffin
37  Henipaviruses 1070
Lin-Fa Wang, John S. Mackenzie,  and Christopher C. Broder
38  Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Metapneumovirus  1086
Peter L. Collins  and Ruth A. Karron
39  Bornaviridae 1124
Christiane Herden, Thomas Briese, W. Ian Lipkin,  and  Jürgen A. Richt
40  Orthomyxoviridae 1151
Megan L. Shaw  and Peter Palese
41  Orthomyxoviruses 1186
Peter F. Wright, Gabriele Neumann,  and  Yoshihiro Kawaoka
42  Bunyaviridae 1244
Richard M. Elliott  and Connie S. Schmaljohn


43  Arenaviridae 1283
Michael J. Buchmeier, Clarence J. Peters and Juan-Carlos de la Torre
44  Orthoreoviruses 1304
Terence S. Dermody, John S. L. Parker,  and Barbara Sherry
45  Rotaviruses 1347
Mary K. Estes  and Harry B. Greenberg
46  Orbiviruses 1402
Polly Roy
47  Retroviridae 1424
Stephen P. Goff
48  Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Types 1 and Types 2  1474
Masahiro Fujii  and Masao Matsuoka
49  Human Immunodeficiency Viruses: Replication  1502
Eric O. Freed  and Malcolm A. Martin
50  HIV-1: Pathogenesis, Clinical Manifestations, and Treatment  1561
Daniel R. Kuritzkes  and Richard A. Koup
51  Nonhuman Lentiviruses 1584
David T. Evans, John H. Elder,  and Ronald C. Desrosiers
52  Foamy Viruses 1613
Axel Rethwilm  and Dirk Lindemann
53  Polyomaviruses 1633
James A. DeCaprio, Michael J. Imperiale,  and Eugene O. Major
54  Papillomaviruses 1662
Peter M. Howley, John T. Schiller, and Douglas R. Lowy
55  Adenoviridae 1704
Arnold J. Berk
56  Adenoviruses 1732
William S.M. Wold  and Michael G. Ison
57  Parvoviridae 1768
Kenneth I. Berns  and Colin R. Parrish
58  Circoviridae 1792
Xiang-Jin Meng
59  Herpesviridae 1802
Philip E. Pellett  and Bernard Roizman
60  Herpes Simplex Viruses 1823
Bernard Roizman, David M. Knipe  and Richard J. Whitley
61  Epstein-Barr Virus 1898
Richard M. Longnecker, Elliott Kieff, and Jeffrey I. Cohen
62  Cytomegaloviruses 1960
Edward S. Mocarski, Jr, Thomas Shenk, Paul D. Griffiths,  and Robert F. Pass
63  Varicella-Zoster Virus 2015
Ann M. Arvin  and Don Gilden
64  Human Herpesviruses 6 and 7 2058
Koichi Yamanishi, Yasuko Mori,  and Philip E. Pellett
65  Kaposi’s A. Sarcoma–Associated Herpesvirus 2080
Blossom A. Damania  and Ethel Cesarman
66  Poxviridae 2129
Bernard Moss
67  Poxviruses 2160
Inger K. Damon
68  Hepadnaviruses 2185
Christoph Seeger, Fabien Zoulim,  and William S. Mason
Genus Deltavirus
69  Hepatitis D (Delta) Virus 2222
John M. Taylor, Robert H. Purcell,  and Patrizia Farci
70  Hepatitis E Virus 2242
Suzanne U. Emerson  and Robert H. Purcell
Other Virus Groups
71  Mimivirus, Other Viruses Infecting Phagocytic Protists, and Their Virophages  2259
Philippe Colson  and Didier Raoult
72  Plant Viruses 2289
W. Allen Miller  and Steven A. Whitham
73  Insect Viruses 2326
Paul D. Friesen
74  Viruses and Prions of Yeasts, Fungi, and Unicellular Eukaryotes  2355
Reed B. Wickner
75  Bacteriophages 2384
Roger W. Hendrix
Unclassified Agents
76  Prions 2418
Stanley B. Prusiner

Index I-1

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