Lewin's Cells 3rd Edition Free Download (PDF)

Lewin's Cells 3rd Edition
George Plopper, David sharp & Eric Sikorski
Release at: 2015
Pages: 1080
3rd Edition
File Size: 171 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Lewin's Cells 3rd Edition

Lewin's Cells 3rd Edition written by George Plopper & David sharp is a great book for cell Biology studies available in ebook (PDF) free download. This 3rd edition, expanded and updated from the second, is geared for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking a first course in cell biology. A key objective in developing this Lewin's Cell book was to present mechanisms and the concepts underlying cell structure and function, gleaned from decades of research, in a format that provides the information necessary with students for cell biology solid foundation, without overwhelming them with too much detail. The major goal of the team of 29 expert authors and lead editors has been to incorporate the current research in the field, thoroughly provide and cover each topic ample cellular processes illustrations at the molecular level but without being unwieldy.

Lewin’s CELLS, 3rd Edition covers the structure, organization, growth, regulation, movement, and interactions of cells with an emphasis on those in the eukaryotic domain. These topics are beginning with the definition of a cell, presented in 21 chapters grouped into seven parts, providing background on basic cellular processes, continuing on to the components of cells, ending with cell diversity and the regulation of cell functions. Prokaryotic cells and Plant cells are covered in separate chapters to emphasize their diversity while highlighting the properties shared by all cells.

Content of Lewin's Cells 3rd Edition

Part 1 Introduction  1
1 What is a cell? 2
Vishwanath R. Lingappa and Benjamin Lewin
2 Bioenergetics and cellular metabolism 31
Bianca Barquera
3 DNA replication, repair, and recombination 59
Jocelyn E. Krebs
4 Gene expression and regulation 103
David G. Bear
5 Protein structure and function 169
Stephen J. Smerdon
Part 2 Membranes and transport mechanisms  229
6 Ions Transport and small molecules across membranes 230
Stephan E. Lehnart and Andrew R. Marks
7 Membrane targeting of proteins 301
D. Thomas Rutkowski and Vishwanath R. Lingappa
8 Protein trafficking between membranes 354
Vivek Malhotra, Graham Warren, and Ira Mellman
Part 3 The nucleus  401
9 Nuclear structure and transport 402
Charles N. Cole
10 Chromatin and chromosomes 451
Benjamin Lewin and Jocelyn E. Krebs
Part 4 The cytoskeleton  513
11 Microtubules 514
Lynne Cassimeris
12 Actin 568
Enrique M. De La Cruz and E. Michael Ostap
13 Intermediate filaments 604
Birgit Lane
Part 5 Cell division, cancer & apoptosis  631
14 Mitosis 632
Conly L. Rieder
15 Cell cycle regulation 685
Kathleen L. Gould and Susan L. Forsburg
16 Apoptosis 725
Douglas R. Green
17 Cancer: Principles and overview 750
Robert A. Weinberg
Part 6 Cell communication  777
18 Principles of cell signaling 778
Elliott M. Ross and Melanie H. Cobb
19 The cell adhesion and extracellular matrix 831
George Plopper
Part 7 Prokaryotic and plant cells  891
20 Prokaryotic cell biology 892
Matthew Chapman and Jeff Errington
21 Plant cell biology 945
Clive Lloyd

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