Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants (PDF)

Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

V. Raghavan
Release at: 1997
Pages: 713
1st Edition
File Size: 18 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants written by V. Raghavan is a great book for plant development studies available in (PDF) get a free download. This Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plant's book is derived from my long-standing interest in the reproductive biology of vascular plants, in particular of the ferns and flowering plants. During the initial planning stages of this venture, the Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants book was intended as a revision of my Experimental Embryogenesis in Vascular Plants published since 1976, with the specific describing aim how our present in genetic and molecular biology ideas applied to vascular plants embryo development.

After I wrote two or three chapters on angiosperm embryogenesis, I began to view the project essentially as a revision of my 1986 book, Embryogenesis in Angiosperms: An Experimental Study and Developmental Study aborted the idea of covering embryogenesis of gymnosperms and ferns. Reflecting on the current research perspective, it began to dawn on me that molecular principles and genetic principles underlying angiosperms embryo development have much in principles regulating the whole gamut of flowering plant's reproductive processes.

This refining of the various drafts and periodic reshaping during the past five years has resulted in the present volume providing cellular aspects and synthetic review of molecular of the familiar sequence in the reproductive biology of flowering plants, beginning with terminating with the embryo and the flower.

Content of Molecular Embryology of Flowering Plants

Chapter 1: Reproductive biology of angiosperms: retrospect and prospect

  • An overview of angiosperm reproduction
  • How reproductive biology is studied
  • Genetic and molecular perspectives
  • Molecular and genetic engineering techniques
  • Scope of molecular embryology
  • Organization of the text

    Chapter 2: Anther developmental biology

  • Anther determination
  • Anther development
  • Microsporogenesis
  • Anther culture in the study of meiosis
  • General comments
  • Chapter 3: Pollen development and maturation

  • Morphogenesis of pollen walls
  • The first haploid mitosis
  • Vegetative and generative cells
  • General comments
  • Chapter 4: Gene expression during pollen development

  • Genetic basis for pollen gene expression
  • Nucleic acid and protein metabolism
  • Isolation of genes controlling pollen development
  • Promoter analysis of pollen-specific genes
  • Pollen allergens
  • General comments
  • Chapter 5: Pollen abortion and male sterility

  • Phenotypic and genotypic aspects of male sterility
  • Structural, developmental, and functional aspects of male sterility
  • Physiological and biochemical aspects of male sterility
  • Role of the mitochondrial genome in male sterility
  • General comments
  • Chapter 6: Megasporogenesis and megagametogenesis

  • Carpel determination
  • Megasporogenesis
  • Organization of the megagametophyte
  • Molecular biology of megagametogenesis
  • Nutrition of the megagametophyte
  • Apomixis
  • General comments

    Chapter 7: Stigma, style, and pollen-pistil interactions

  • The stigma
  • The style
  • Pollen-pistil interactions
  • General comments
  • Chapter 8: In vitro pollen germination and pollen tube growth

  • Pollen germination
  • Biochemistry of pollen germination
  • Structure of the pollen tube
  • Growth of the pollen tube
  • General comments
  • Chapter 9: Developmental biology of incompatibility

  • Heteromorphic self-incompatibility
  • Homomorphic self-incompatibility
  • Cross-incompatibility
  • General comments
  • Chapter 10: Molecular biology of self-incompatibility

  • The Brassica system
  • The Nicotiana system
  • Petunia and other Solanaceae
  • Papaver rhoeas & other plants
  • General comments
  • Chapter 11: Fertilization: the sporophytic growth beginning

  • The sperm Cellular nature
  • The sperm Odyssey and double fertilization
  • In vitro approaches to the fertilization study
  • General comments

    Chapter 12: Developmental biology of the endosperm

  • Cytology and Histology of the endosperm
  • Nutritional role of the endosperm
  • Gene action during endosperm ontogeny
  • Synthesis and accumulation of endosperm storage reserves
  • Analysis of storage protein gene expression
  • Cloning and characterization of endosperm storage protein genes
  • General comments
  • Chapter 13: Embryogenesis and physiology of growth of embryos

  • The zygote
  • The multicellular embryo
  • Cellular aspects of embryogenesis
  • Tissue and meristem differentiation during embryogenesis
  • The suspensor
  • Nutrition of the embryo
  • Embryo culture
  • General comments
  • Chapter 14: Genetic and molecular analysis of embryogenesis

  • Genetic control of embryogenesis
  • Gene expression patterns during embryogenesis
  • Characterization of genes essential for embryogenesis
  • Expression of genes for housekeeping and structural proteins
  • Expression of genes related to desiccation tolerance and dormancy
  • Regulation of expression of defense-related genes
  • General comments
  • Chapter 15: Storage protein synthesis in developing embryos

  • Cytology of reserve deposition
  • Regulation of storage protein synthesis
  • Isolation and characterization of storage protein genes
  • General comments

    Chapter 16: Somatic embryogenesis

  • Historical background
  • Dynamics of somatic embryogenesis
  • Cell biology and physiology of somatic embryogenesis
  • Biochemistry of somatic embryogenesis
  • Regulation of gene expression
  • General comments
  • Chapter 17: Embryogenic development of pollen grains

  • Historical background
  • Factors controlling pollen sporophytic growth
  • Cytology of pollen embryogenesis
  • Molecular biology of pollen dedifferentiation
  • General comments

    Chapter 18: Genetic transformation of embryos

  • Transformation through pollen grains and ovules
  • Transformation of developing embryos
  • Transformation of embryogenic cells and somatic embryos
  • General comments
  • References



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