Mycorrhiza 3rd Edition (PDF)

Mycorrhiza 3rd Edition
Ajit Varma
Release at: 2008
Pages: 798
3rd Edition/State of the Art, Genetics and
Molecular Biology, Eco-Function,
Biotechnology, Eco-Physiology,
Structure and Systematics
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Description of Mycorrhiza 3rd Edition

Mycorrhiza 3rd Edition written by Ajit Varma is a great book for Fungal Mycorrhiza and its behavior studies available in ebook (PDF) free download. In this Mycorrhiza book, we introduce to how Understanding mycorrhizas requires a deep insight into the scope of biology and discipline with extremely wide boundaries. They reach from the most molecular aspects and fundamental genetics to the diverse facets of ecology. Even biotechnology, For technological applications use biological systems, is a firm part of biology. Therefore it is not surprising that mycorrhiza biology is subject to the same manifold, which basically reflects the complexity of biological systems.

The 3rd edition of this mycorrhiza book has implemented this insight in an exemplary way. It not only covers the highlights of mycorrhizal interactions and make visible the connections between distant fields of mycorrhiza research, which is most important for future progress. The particular challenge relates to the fact that the symbiotic association by mycorrhiza of two most differing systems, plants, and fungi. In addition, tremendous progress, achieved during the last 10 years, particularly in the fields of taxonomy and genetics, had to be incorporated.

Considering these requirements it is not surprising that all chapters of this 3rd edition and therefore the contents are new and up to date. Most of them have been written by new authors of an upcoming mycorrhiza specialist generation. However, the basic structure of the Mycorrhiza book has only been slightly changed except for a stronger emphasis on ecological aspects.

Content of Mycorrhiza 3rd Edition

Part I State of the Art

Fungal Mycorrhiza: What We Know & What Should We Know? 3
E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, Y. Rezaee Danesh, R. Prasad, and A. Varma

Diversity, Function and Potential Applications of the Root-Associated Endophytes 29
S. A. Kageyama, K. G. Mandyam, and A. Jumpponen

Structure, Functional and  Extent Significance of Belowground Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Networks 59
M. Giovannetti

Foraging for Resources in Arbuscular Fungal Mycorrhiza: What is an Obligate Symbiont Searching for and How is it Done? 73
Mayra E. Gavito, Pål Axel Olsson

Global Diversity Patterns of Arbuscular Fungal Mycorrhiza Community Composition & Links with Functionality 89
Maarja Öpik, Ülle Saks, Tim Daniell, and Jennifer Kennedy

Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria 113
Mika T. Tarkka, Pascale Frey-Klett

Part II Genetics and Molecular Biology

Genomic Organization and Mechanisms of Inheritance in Arbuscular MycorrhizaFungal: Contrasting the Implications and Evidence of Current Theories 135
James D. Bever, Hyun Joo Kang, Mei Wang, and Wittaya Kaonongbua

Ectomycorrhiza and Water Transport 149
Žaklina Marjanovic´, Uwe Nehls

Hypogeous Pezizaceae: Physiology and Molecular Genetics 161
Varda Kagan-Zur, Marianna Zaretsky, Nurit Roth-Bejerano and Yaron Sitrit

The Possible Evaluation and Participation of Drought-induced Genes in the Enhanced Tolerance of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Plants to Water Deficit 185
Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano, Ricardo Aroca and Rosa Porcel

Part III Eco-Function

The Beneficial Effect of Mycorrhizae on N Utilization by the Host-Plant: Reality or Myth? 209
Anthony Gobert, 

Claude Plassard Ion Dynamics During the Polarized Growth of Arbuscular Fungal Mycorrhiza: From Presymbiosis to Symbiosis 241
Alessandro C. Ramos, Arnoldo R. Façanha, and José A. Feijó

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Metal Hyperaccumulating Plants 261
Marjana Regvar, Katarina Vogel-Mikuš

Fungal Mycorrhiza and Other Root Endophytes as Biocontrol Agents Against Root Pathogens 281
S. Tripathi, S. Kamal, I. Sheramati, R. Oelmuller, and A. Varma

The Mycorrhization Biocontrol Effect on the Autoregulation of the AM Symbiosis and Soilborne Fungal Pathogens: One Mechanism, Two Effects? 307
H. Vierheilig, S. Steinkellner, T. Khaosaad, and J.M. Garcia-Garrido

Resource Partitioning Between Intraradical and Extraradical AM Fungal Mycelium 321
Ingrid M. van Aarle, Pål Axel Olsson

Ozone Stress and Ectomycorrhizal Root–Shoot Signaling 337
Hoka Kraigher, Tine Grebenc, and David E. Hanke

Part IV Biotechnology

From Production to Application of Arbuscular Fungal Mycorrhiza in Agricultural Systems: Needs and Requirements 361
Jacqueline Baar

Agronomic Management of Indigenous Mycorrhizas 375
Isabel Brito, Michael J. Goss, Mário de Carvalho, Diederik van Tuinen, and Pedro M. Antunes

AM Inoculation in Tropical Agriculture: Field Results 403
Gisela Cuenca, María Gabriela González, and Alicia Cáceres,

The Mycorrhizal International Market Development 419
Miroslav Vosátka, Jana Albrechtová, and Robert Patten

Why and How Using Micropropagated Trees rather than Controlled Germinations and Synthesis of Ectomycorrhizal Associations? 439
Sylvie Herrmann, François Buscot

Biotechnology and Cultivation of Desert Truffles 467
A. Morte, M. Honrubia, and A. Gutiérrez

The Fungal Transmitted Viruses 485
Dipika Singh, Neeraj Verma, and Ajit Varma

Part V Eco-Physiology

Intertwined Existence: The Plant Symbiotic Fungi Life in Agricultural Soils 507
Walid Ellouze, Keith Hanson, Atul Nayyar, Chantal Hamel, and Juan Carlos Perez
Microbes Macroecology – Biogeography of the Glomeromycota 529
V. B. Chaudhary, M. K. Lau, and N. C. Johnson

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza technology in Endangered Plant Species: Potential Impacts on Restoration Strategies 565
Birgit Fuchs, Kurt Haselwandter

Ecological Functions of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Community Developmental Patterns: Implications from Primary Succession 581
Kazuhide Nara

Colonization of Plant Roots by AM Fungi and Pseudomonads: A Dynamic Phenomenon, Affecting Plant Health and Growth 601
Guido Lingua, Elisa Gamalero, Anna Fusconi, Graziella Berta and Philippe Lemanceau

In vitro Cultures for Basic Research in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas 627
Custodia Cano, Sandy Dickson, Alberto Bago, and Manuel González-Guerrero

Piriformospora indica Interactions with Medicinal Plants 655
R. Prasad, M. Sharma, S. Chatterjee, G. Chauhan, S. Tripathi, A. Das, S. Kamal, A.K.S. Rawat, K.K. Bhutani, M.K. Rai, P. Pushpangdan, and A. Varma

Stress Impact in In Vivo Assessment on Plant’s Vitality: Applications in Detecting and Evaluating the Mycorrhization Beneficial Role on Host Plants 679
Merope Tsimilli-Michael, Reto J. Strasser

Part VI Structure and Systematics

Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi: Identification, Life Cycle and Morphogenesis 707
C. Murat, A. Mello, S. Abbà, A. Vizzini, and P. Bonfante

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Physiological and Morphological Adaptations of Mediterranean Plants 733
Cristina Cruz, Patricia Correia, Alessandro Ramos, Luís Carvalho, Alberto Bago, and Maria Amélia Martins Loução

Novel Symbiotrophic Endophytes 753
Amit C. Kharkwal, Harsha Kharkwal, Irena Sherameti, Ralf Oelmuller, and Ajit Varma

Frankia Nodulation, Mycorrhization, and Interactions Between Frankia and Mycorrhizal Fungi in Casuarina Plants 767
X. H. He, C. Critchley

Index 783

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