Flowering Plants Free PDF Download

Flowering Plants Free PDF Download

Author: Armen Takhtajan
Release Year: 2009
Pages: 906
Edition: 2nd Edition
File Size: 6 MB
File Type: pdf
Language: English

Description of Flowering Plants 2nd Edition

Flowering Plants is a helpful book for the study of all types of Flowering Plants available in (PDF eBook) free download. Topics of all related to Flowering Plants are covered in this book. Flowering Plants book all those teachers and students who are doing research basis work related to Plants flower and its subjects, very useful for them. This Flowering Plants book is also very useful for such students who are currently studding Ph. D. Courses.

In this Flowering Plants book, all the facts of related subjects have been expressed in easy language. The person reading this Flowering Plants book can get complete information on the subject related to it. Information of the subject matter is given below. Before downloading, the user must see its content once. You can ask for permission to download it.

Takhtajan’s system of classifi cation is a synthetic, integrated one based on all available data, including recent studies in embryology, palynology, comparative anatomy, cytology, phytochemistry, and molecular data, as well as on cladistic analyses of many taxa. This new book, as well as “Diversity and Classifi cation of Flowering Plants”, includes also intrafamilial classifi cation (subfamilies and tribes).

Armen Takhtajan has worked for many years at the Komarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia (LE), where he had access to its great herbarium collections and library. He used these rich resources to supplement his fi eld experience in many regions in the world. As a result of his studies and the observations he was able to make during the course of his travels, he prepared a book entitled “Floristic Regions of the World,” in which he presented not only fl oristic divisions for the whole world, but also listed endemic families and genera and provided examples of endemic species for each province.

Content of Flowering Plants 2nd Edition



Phylum Magnoliophyta

Class Magnoliopsida

Subclass 1: Magnoliidae

Subclass 2: Ranunculidae

Subclass 3: Hamamelididae

Subclass 4: Caryophyllidae

Subclass 5: Dilleniidae

Subclass 6: Rosidae

Subclass 7: Asteridae

Subclass 8: Lamiidae

Class Liliopsida

Subclass 1: Alismatidae

Subclass 2: Liliidae

Subclass 3: Arecidae

Subclass 4: Commelinidae



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