Advance in Insect Physiology Volume 33

Advance in Insect Physiology Volume 33
Author: S. J. Simpson
Release at: 2007
Pages: 259
Edition/ Volume: Volume 33
Language: English

Description of Advance in Insect Physiology Volume 33

Advance in Insect Physiology Volume 33 by S. J. Simpson is a great Entomology book, for study. This collection of chapters and supporting materials is intended to provide a very broad overview of veterinary microbiology and infectious diseases. The writings represent a combination of the biology of the organisms that cause or are associated with disease and the diseases themselves. The scope of this book is intended to be general to appeal both to beginning students of veterinary sciences and to seasoned veterinary practitioners and scientists. Like many textbooks, this book will hopefully be a strong starting place for the study of veterinary infectious diseases as well as a good reference text. The content emphasizes diseases that occur in North America, but many global, transboundary disease content is included.

The first section of the book is an introduction to infectious disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, and clinical management. These chapters are intended to provide a basis of understanding and discussion for later chapters describing specific organisms and diseases. The second section describes bacterial and fungal pathogens. This section covers a very diverse set of pathogens and many diseases, but yet the similarities of pathogenesis, virulence properties, and host responses among these organisms are striking. The third section of the book describes viral diseases and the viruses responsible.We have tried to emphasize the consequences of virus infections and the host responses. The last section of the book is a systematic approach of describing infection and disease of animals. In the spirit of one medicine, the chapters take a comparative approach to describing both differences and similarities of diseases across many affected species.

We have invited a group of outstanding microbiologists/ experts to contribute to this book.We believe the contents are accurate and up-to-date. However, we welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have regarding the contents of this book.

Content of Advance in Insect Physiology Volume 33

Chapter 1: Behavioural Genetics of the Honey Bee

Chapter 2: Physiological Diversity in Insects: Ecological and Evolutionary Contexts

Chapter 3: Nest Thermoregulation in Social Insects

Chapter 4: The Organule Concept of Insect Sense Organs: Sensory Transduction and Organule Evolution


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