Entomology 3rd Edition by Cedric Gillott

Entomology 3rd Edition
Author: Cedric Gillott
Release at: 2005
Pages: 834
Edition: 3rd Edition
Language: English

Description of Entomology 3rd Edition

Entomology 3rd Edition by Cedric Gillott is a great book for insects related studies. The strongly favorable reception accorded previous versions of this book, together with the not infrequent urgings of colleagues and students, encouraged me to take on the task of preparing a third edition of Entomology. My early retirement, in 1999, freed up the time necessary for a project of this size, and for the past 2 years my effort has been almost entirely focused in this direction. Obviously, all chapters have been updated; this includes not only the addition of new information and concepts (some of which are highlighted below), but also the reduction or exclusion of material no longer considered ‘mainstream’ so as to keep the book at a reasonable size.

My strong belief that an introductory entomology course should present a balanced treatment of the subject still holds and is reflected in the retention of the format of earlier editions, namely, arrangement of the book into four sections: Evolution and Diversity, Anatomy and Physiology, Reproduction and Development, and Ecology.

Content of Entomology 3rd Edition

I. Evolution and Diversity

Chapter 1: Arthropod Evolution

Chapter 2: Insect Diversity

Chapter 3: External Structure

Chapter 4: Systematics and Taxonomy

Chapter 5: Apterygote Hexapods

Chapter 6: Paleoptera

Chapter 7: The Plecopteroid, Blattoid, and Orthopteroid Orders

Chapter 8: The Hemipteroid Orders

Chapter 9: The Panorpoid Orders

Chapter 10: The Remaining Endopterygote Orders

II. Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 11: The Integument

Chapter 12: Sensory Systems

Chapter 13: Nervous and Chemical Integration

Chapter 14: Muscles and Locomotion

Chapter 15: Gas Exchange

Chapter 16: Food Uptake and Utilization

Chapter 17: The Circulatory System

Chapter 18: Nitrogenous Excretion and Salt and Water Balance

III. Reproduction and Development

Chapter 19: Reproduction

Chapter 20: Embryonic Development

Chapter 21: Postembryonic Development

IV. Ecology

Chapter 22: The Abiotic Environment

Chapter 23: The Biotic Environment

Chapter 24: Insects and Humans


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