Toxicology of Insecticides 2nd Edition

Toxicology of Insecticides 2nd Edition
Author: Fumio Matsumura
Release at: 1985
Pages: 611
Edition: 2nd Edition
Language: English

Description of Toxicology of Insecticides 2nd Edition

Toxicology of Insecticides 2nd Edition by Fumio Matsumura is a great insecticide book, for study. The most rewarding aspect of writing a book is receiving encouraging comments from one's colleagues, since one always wonders whether fair coverage was made of the work of others or whether some omissions were made. I feel very fortunate that many colleagues took the time to read the first edition of this book and chose to use it as a textbook in their teaching. During the past few years they have given me valuable suggestions by pointing out areas that needed to be added to improve the book.

Toxicology is one of the fastest moving scientific fields. In the areas of insecticide toxicology many new advances have been made since this treatise first appeared. Therefore, it would not be easy to write even a review paper that would not be outdated by the time it was published. In revising this volume I have made a conscious effort to adhere to the basic principles which have been developed over the years. While I have retained the basic framework of the original book, advances that fundamentally change certain concepts or add a new horizon have been chosen for updating those fields where applicable. The main emphasis has been placed on the addition of new sections and new compounds developed since 1975. Since the first edition appeared, several books covering technical details in each group have been published. They are excellent encyclopedic resources in their chosen areas, and are listed in each section as recommended reading material.

What I hope to have presented is a book that describes the principles of the toxicology of insecticides and may be used as a textbook in teaching graduate students or as an introductory book for scientists in other disciplines seeking to understand the basics of insecticide toxicology.

Content of Toxicology of Insecticides 2nd Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: General Principles of Insecticide Toxicology

Chapter 3: Classification of Insecticides

Chapter 4: Modes of Action of Insecticides

Chapter 5: Metabolism of Insecticides by Animals and Plants

Chapter 6: Toxicological Studies in Insects

Chapter 7: Dynamics of Insecticide Movement in the Animal Body

Chapter 8: Movement of Insecticides in the Environment

Chapter 9: Environmental Alteration of Insecticide Residues

Chapter 10: Effects of Pesticides on Wildlife

Chapter 11: Hazards to Man and Domestic Animals


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