A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology

A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology
Author: Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala & Michael J. Leboffe
Release at: 2012
Pages: 322
Edition: First Edition
Language: English

Description of A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology First Edition

A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by G. D. Wisehart, E. C. Rempala & M. J. Leboffe is a great marine biology book, for study. The Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology is designed to supplement a college-level marine biology text. It presents photographs of living organisms in their natural habitat and in public and private aquaria, preserved specimens, taxidermy specimens, and photomicrographs of living, whole specimens, and sectioned and stained specimens. There is one scanning electron micrograph. The emphasis is on nearshore and intertidal organisms of North America. Organisms photographed in their natural habitat include some from Vancouver Island to the lagoons of Baja Cali fornia, from Maine to Patagonia, the Gulf Coast of North America, and the Caribbean (Florida Keys, the Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands). Aquaria and preserved specimens are from a wide range of locations around the world’s ocean. Photographs are by the authors except where noted.

The emphasis is on evolutionary relationships and systematics except for a few eukaryotic taxa, which are presented in functional groups. In Chapters 2 through 32, a table presents taxa names with reference to photographs of representative organisms, a general description of each taxon, species examples, approximate number of known species, and name origins. Chapters 1 and 33 differ from the other chapters. Chapter 1 is a general introduction to biodiversity, taxonomy, and phylogeny; and Chapter 33 is a summary of nearshore and intertidal habitats of North America.

In addition to photographs, there are dozens of art pieces that emphasize phylogeny and systematics, present life cycles, or show important anatomical, embryological, or morphological details. Some art pieces appear repeatedly so that chapters may be used independently and in any sequence, and to provide evolutionary perspective for the organisms of that chapter. Some of the art is modified from figures appearing in Biology by Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece, and Integrated Principles of Zoology, by Cleveland P. Hickman, Larry Roberts, Susan Keen, Allan Larson, Helen I’Anson, and David Eisenhour.

Content of A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology First Edition

Section 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Marine Biodiversity, Taxonomy, and Phylogeny

Section 2: Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists

Chapter 2: Marine Bacteria and Archaea

Chapter 3: Planktonic Heterotrophs

Chapter 4: Simple Eukaryotic, Planktonic, and Benthic Autotrophs

Section 3: Marine Invertebrates

Chapter 5: Porifera

Chapter 6: Cnidaria

Chapter 7: Ctenophora

Chapter 8: Platyhelminthes

Chapter 9: Ectoprocta

Chapter 10: Brachiopoda

Chapter 11: Mollusca

Chapter 12: Annelida

Chapter 13: Sipuncula

Chapter 14: Nematoda

Chapter 15: Tardigrada

Chapter 16: Arthropoda

Chapter 17: Chaetognatha

Chapter 18: Echinodermata

Chapter 19: Hemichordata

Section 4: Marine Chordates

Chapter 20: Introduction to the Marine Chordata

Chapter 21: Urochordata and Cephalochordata

Chapter 22: Craniata

Chapter 23: Chondrichthyes

Chapter 24: Osteichthyes

Chapter 25: Amphibia and Reptilia

Chapter 26: Aves

Chapter 27: Mammalia

Section 5: Marine Multicellular Autotrophs

Chapter 28: Macroalgae

Chapter 29: Rhodophyta

Chapter 30: Chlorophyta

Chapter 31: Phaeophyceae

Chapter 32: Marine Anthophyta

Section 6: Overview of Marine Habitats

Chapter 33: Marine Habitats



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