Invertebrate Medicine First Edition

Invertebrate Medicine First Edition
Author: Gregory A. Lewbart
Release at: 2006
Pages: 360
Edition: First Edition
Language: English

Description of Invertebrate Medicine First Edition

Invertebrate Medicine First Edition by Gregory A. Lewbart is a great Zoology book, for study. It has been interesting to witness the evolution of modern veterinary care for nontraditional animal species. The year 1950 heralded the founding of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians and attracted veterinarians interested in all types of captive wild animals. A year later, in 1951, the Wildlife Disease Association was founded. Both of these organizations had as their founding goal the sharing and dissemination of information.

For many decades, invertebrates have been kept as pets, displayed in aquariums and zoos, used for research, and consumed. Maintaining live invertebrates in captivity is becoming more sophisticated and popular as time passes. Arthropod zoos and insectariums, jellyfish exhibits, and captive living coral reefs are relatively commonplace today but were rare or nonexistent 20 years ago. Despite this popularity, diversity, and economic importance, though, veterinary medicine has traditionally paid little attention to this huge chunk (over 95% of the earth’s animal species) of the animal kingdom.

My own interest in invertebrates started on a family trip to Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada, nearly 4 decades ago. Finding a sand dollar test on the beach was an ex citing moment for a young boy, as was the subsequent quest to identify it. Years later, I found myself studying invertebrate zoology at Gettysburg College; my professor was Dr. Robert D. Barnes. After exciting field trips with Dr. Barnes to the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina, and the Bermuda Biological Station, I was definitely hooked! These educational experiences were a pivotal point in my life and I hold a special place in my heart and mind for Dr. Barnes and his inspirational teaching.

Content of Invertebrate Medicine First Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sponges

Chapter 3: Coelenterates

Chapter 4: Turbellarians

Chapter 5: Gastropods

Chapter 6: Cephalopods

Chapter 7: Bivalves

Chapter 8: Annelids

Chapter 9: Horseshoe Crabs

Chapter 10: Spiders

Chapter 11: Scorpions

Chapter 12: Crustaceans

Chapter 13: Myriapods (Centipedes and Millipedes)

Chapter 14: Insects

Chapter 15: Nematodes

Chapter 16: Chaetognaths (Arrowworms)

Chapter 17: Echinoderms

Chapter 18: Urochordates

Chapter 19: Diagnostic Techniques and Sample Handling

Chapter 20: Laws, Rules, and Regulating Agencies for Invertebrates

Appendix 1. Invertebrate Neoplasms

Appendix 2. Diseases of Invertebrates Notifiable to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

Appendix 3. Euthanasia


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